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Aviation history would have been much shorter without Glen Curtiss.

aviation history Aug 30, 2023

Few names shine as brightly as Glenn Curtiss in aviation history, an iconic figure known for his contributions to early aviation and aeronautics. Curtiss's legacy is an inspiring tale of innovation, determination and relentless pursuit of the skies.

Curtiss was born in 1878 in Hammondsport, N.Y., where he became known as a bicycle builder and racer, an experience that would lay the foundation for his later achievements in aviation. He is often mentioned in tandem with the Wright brothers, who are credited with the first powered, controlled and sustained flight in 1903. While the Wrights' historic flight was a monumental moment in aviation, Curtiss's contributions were equally groundbreaking.

In 1908, he achieved the first officially witnessed and publicly announced flight in North America. Curtiss went on to design and build the first American aircraft to take off, fly and land from the deck of a ship—a significant milestone in the development of naval aviation. As an inventor, Curtiss created the aileron, a hinged flight control surface that allows an aircraft to roll or bank, significantly improved aircraft control and stability.

Curtiss went on to set various world speed records on land and in the air. One of his most famous achievements was winning the first international air speed trophy in France in 1909.

Beyond his accomplishments in aviation and engineering, Curtiss envisioned aviation's potential for both military and civilian applications. His ideas and designs were instrumental in shaping the future of aviation and aeronautics.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation, founded in 1929, continues to be a significant player in the aerospace and defense industries. The company, formed through the merger of Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company and Wright Aeronautical, carries the legacies of both Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers.

Photo credits: Banner - By H.M. Benner - The Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog;, Public Domain, Inset - Unknown


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