About The Jireh Institute

Locations in Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama.

Our Mission

We are a source of aerospace and aviation training that believes we can have a global impact by providing essential workforce development. Our aim is to be a part of the solution to resolving critical shortages in aviation personnel around the world. At the same time, we provide opportunities for individuals to become a part of a workforce community and change their lives for the better.

Our mission exceeds a for-profit mindset. We are passionate about helping individuals turn dreams into reality. This happens when they are provided with the right sense of belonging, resources and support.


"Being accepted to The Jireh Institute means I can pursue my dream career!"

- Martin Marino

"Since I was little, I was fascinated by planes. Now I get to work with them every day!"

- Bill Bayaud

"My experience at Jireh was first-rate. I am now equipped for a successful career. It's changed my life!"

- Susan Smith

Our Focus

We focus on turning dreams into reality. We believe that with the right encouragement, support and resources dreams do come true.

We focus on community. We believe we help change the world for the better by creating opportunities in aerospace and aviation workforce development solutions around the globe. We also believe we create an opportunity to belong to an industry community.

We focus on building it better. We believe in forging new paths that lead to better outcomes.

We focus on the numbers. We believe that numbers matter because each one represents another life impacted for the better.

We focus on excellence. We believe that when you do things with excellence, success is a natural side effect rather than the focus.